Making Better Craps Bets with the Iron Cross System

One of the most reliable craps betting systems is the Iron Cross System. Because the system is already fairly intuitive, players can easily and confidently play the odds in craps and regularly win some healthy payouts.

Covering the Bases on the Come Out Roll

The Iron Cross System is based on a few very simple and easy to track bets. First, players make a field bet on the come out roll. They add to this singular place bets on each of the 5, the 6, and the 8. The field bet wins if the shooter lands on most any number except a 5, 6, 7, or 8, and the place bets cover all but the 7. With these bets, the player almost always wins at least some money on the come out roll. If the field bet wins, the other bets still remain on the table until a seven is rolled, giving the player the chance to win even more money.

Consistently Winning Money

Some people claim that even though it's almost impossible to lose with the Iron Cross System, that it's not the best strategy for winning at craps. They believe that the only way to really win is to make much riskier bets and enjoy larger payouts. Smart players, though, know that in order to consistently win money, smaller conservative votes are better to minimize losses. The money will slowly but surely add up over time.

Players who have a bit of patience and want to earn more money over time should definitely try the Iron Cross System when they enjoy playing craps online.