Roulette Bonus Casino Options

About Roulette
Roulette is a game of chance that is offered in almost every online casino. It consists of a wheel and a ball, and gamblers are required to guess which number--or within which group of numbers--the ball will land. The payouts and odds vary depending upon the wager placed and the roulette variant that is being played, and many players still cite roulette as one of the most exciting casino games online today. In fact, more and more venues are offering this game with live dealers in order to add to the excitement.
European vs. American Roulette
In most online casinos, there are two variations of the classic game of roulette: European and American. It is always in the players' best interests to stick with European roulette because of the lower house edge. This game offers an edge as low as 2.7%, and when this is compared with the 5.26% house edge associated with American roulette, it is easy to see why European roulette is by far the favorite. Because of this, however, some casinos have placed restrictions on roulette that stop players from using it to earn bonuses or meet the wagering requirements associated with such bonuses. A good bonus casino will offer both variants but make the payouts on American roulette higher.
Roulette Tournaments
In some cases, a bonus casino will offer players an opportunity to participate in roulette tournaments. The site have never been more popular. If you'd like to see the reasonĀ for the phenomenon, you need to check out the links. While these are not quite as common as slots, blackjack or even poker tournaments, they do present players who have a love for the ball and wheel with quite the opportunity. In some cases, the grand prize is predetermined and has nothing to do with the number of participating players. Other times, the entry fees that the players provide are entered into a pool from which the prizes are taken. Either way, these tournaments are excellent ways to win large amounts of money playing one of the world's most loved casino games.