Video Poker Comps and Rewards

Players who really enjoy video poker and play it frequently will be glad to know that they can increase their payout percentages by earning comps and rewards. In fact, with these extra perks, players can actually realize a significant profit in the long run.

Casino Player Cards

Many casinos provide their patrons with player cards; these accumulate points each time a player spends money gambling in specific increments. When a player enjoys video poker with a near-perfect strategy, they will still lose money in the long run due to the casino's house edge. However, when the same player uses their casino-assigned player card, the amount they earn in rewards more than makes up for the slight amount of money they lose in the machine.

Types of Comps and Rewards

The types of comps and rewards a player can expect to receive will depend upon the type of venue itself. In a land-based casino, players may be rewarded with free drinks, meals or stays in expensive hotel rooms. Though these things may sound frivolous, players will save significant amounts of money. In online venues, players are provided with real-cash casino bonuses and perhaps even free play time.

Dispelling Myths

Many players feel that casinos, whether land-based or online, keep track of the players who are spending the most money and somehow reduce the odds of that player winning a jackpot. This is truly a myth; casinos work with a budget like any other business, and there is plenty of room for providing comps and rewards alongside payout out jackpots. There is no reason for these venues to cheat their players.

Comps and rewards are often not monetary in nature, but they can help players negate some of the costs associated with their gambling trips. When playing online, players will be rewarded with real cash in lieu of free drinks, meals and accommodations.